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Welcome to Gluten Free Concepts

Gluten Free Concepts is based in Portland, Oregon. Our bread products are branded Jensen's Bread and Bakeries. Our website is still in development, but we are posting updated information regularly.
We are currently scheduled to launch our highly anticipated Better Buns and Multi-grain sandwich bread in late May 2010. 
We will keep you informed via our "News & Event" tab about where you can purchase our products!

   Mission Statement

Gluten Free Concepts is a company founded with one simple principle in mind; to create and develop unique and innovative products for gluten intolerant consumers. With a passion for baking and a solid commitment to producing wholesome and delicious gluten free bread products, we are dedicated to providing the opportunity for those who must live without gluten that most basic experience of enjoying "their daily bread."

Follow us!

Jensen's Bread and Bakeries 




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Chile Climate. Weather: When to visit Chile, the best season to go to Chile, rain, temperatures, tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoon, sea water temperatures.

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The month's low temperature of 24 degrees was observed on both October 1 and 6 and the high temperature of 64 degrees was observed on October 9.

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Climate. Normal average daily temperature: 65.4F (18.9C); Warmest month: July; Daily mean temperature: 85.3F (29.6C)

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This will, however, give you an idea of what the weather will be like on the coast in a given month and what trends to expect throughout the island.

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Myrtle Beach, SC weather forecast by month, weather cams, news and 10 day forecast.

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Bahamas Climate - Month by Month. The following is a presentation of the Bahamas' climate as we experienced it in the central Bahamas - over more than 10

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May is the month of roses, in Italy, with weather that is warm but not too hot for sightseeing. The major sights are crowded - not only with visitors from abroad but

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Temecula, California Climate Summary. Click on the month for

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See climateandweather.com for a detailed month-by-month guide to the climate and weather in the Cayman Islands, with advice on the best time to go and

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Oct 29, 2002 Official 90-day Outlooks are issued once each month near mid-month at 8:30am Eastern Time. Please consult the schedule of 30 & 90-day

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Summer Monthly Average Temperatures. Months, High, Low. June, 86F / 30C, 79F / 26C. July, 87F / 31C, 80F / 27C. August, 88F / 31C, 80F / 27C

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