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Our Full Sized 4-Inch
Hamburger And Sandwich 
Bun Is Sturdy Enough
To Stand Up To The
Juiciest Burger Without
Crumbling. The Wonderful
Flavor And Springy Texture
Will Have Your Friends
Asking, "Are You Sure These
Are Gluten Free?


Our Golden Sandwich
Bread Is The Newest
In Our Line Of Products.
We Pride Ourselves In Developing
Traditional Bread That Is
Packed With Taste!
The Texture Is Unlike
Anything On The Market.
We've Created A Delicious, Soft Bread That
Appeals To Both Kids And Adults Alike.
Our Full Sized 29.0oz Loaf
Stores Wonderfully In The Freezer, And
Thaws Beautifully!

Full Of Whole Grain Goodness 
Without Being Heavy,
You'll Love Our Multi-Grain
and Seed Bread. It's Delicious
For Sandwiches Made Fresh To
Take Along, Or Grilled To Perfection.
It Makes a Fabulous Toast And Even
Tastes Great Right Out Of The Bag!
A Touch Of Molasses And Honey
Give This Bread An Incredible Flavor!

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